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Make Money with US


Did you know that we also BUY distressed properties? We've been doing this for sometime but it wasn't something we advertised. Only a few select clients and partners knew that we would buy, partner, or broker investment properties and that they could participate even if they couldn't buy it themselves.



Now it's even better, because If you have properties that you believe would make good investents, but you can't take advantage of it on your own, we will partner with you to do the deal. That's right, we are now offering to partner with our borrowers to take down properties that you may not be able to do on your own. It's all about the numbers and if the deal pencils out. If it does then we may do your deal and pay you in the process. It's very simple. Find the deals, submit them to our analysts, we do the deal, you get paid, that's it. If this sounds good then write to us and someone will get back to you with in 48 hours and get you started. if you have deals now, you can submit your file for review and we can let you jnow right away if we can help.



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