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How You Can Work With Us!


Find out how to work with us and take advantage of our resources.

You can be an investor in real estate, even if you have no experience whatsoever. There are a couple things we need to qualify you but it's possible to begin today by contacting us to find out how.

We are always in need of good contractors, especially those who can partner or purchase our wholesale units. Or, from time to time participate in our investments as a partner. We have opportunities for all kinds of properties accross the US.

If your a friendly, upbeat, motivated person, you could be a professional property spotter. What's a spotter? Someone who keeps their eyes peeled for vacant, ungly, distressed, newpaper layden, homes in and around your neighborhood. Sometimes the best looking house if empty and you notice mail, flyers, and long grass. "Hmmm, is this house empty or in distress?" Sounds easy because it is. Take a picture, note the address, and get a contact and your making money in no time.

You could be a valuable resource if your part of our professional team of:


Attorney's  /  CPA's  /  Title Reps  /  Real Estate Agents  /  Property Management  /  Local Banks  /  Cash Buyers  /  Insurance Agents 


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